What’s your @ Twitter Handle?

twitter-bird-white-on-blue@NebularHlthTech is the twitter handle for this group.

My personal twitter handle is @GilmerHealthLaw.

What’s your @ twitter handle?

Last week I had the great opportunity to attend The Walking Gallery 3 and Health Datapalooza IV in Washington, DC.  At both events I got the chance to meet some of my professional crushes and other industry leaders I look up to.

IMG_20130603_102550_061I met Farazad Motashari (and his bowtie) – our National Coordinator of the Office of National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). I met Ted Eytan the Kaiser Permanente Physician Director in The Permanente Federation.  I met Fred Trotter (though he lives in Houston, we’ve never had a chance to meet), Jess Jacobs, Keith Boone, Susannah Fox, Gregg Masters, Ken Congdon, Alex Fair of Medstartr, and so many others.  I also caught up with those I interact with frequently or have met at other conferences.

At a reception hosted by athenahealth, I passed by Ken Congdon and stopped.  I had to meet him.  I read his articles all the time and we’ve connected a few times on twitter.  As I approached him, he had this look on his face like he had no idea why this girl would approach him.  Then I introduced myself, as I’ve learned to do as “Hi, I’m Erin Gilmer – GilmerHealthLaw.”  And immediately he knew who I was.  My reputation in social media had proceeded me.

twitter message

This is one of the many values of having an online presence, particularly through twitter.  Somehow, the online persona has it’s own life.  Through the power of technology, we can connect, share, and interact in new ways.  Using tools like twitter, we can grow our business, find a voice for our views and passions, learn from others.  The possibilities are endless.

I was not a fan of twitter until a year ago.  I was reticent to jump in as I thought of it like facebook (I have nothing good to say of facebook) where people shared mindless and irrelevant things.  But then I was convinced to go online to start the first health tech group in Austin and I was immediately addicted.  I realized that I could follow my favourite news feeds and thought leaders – getting information that I could never find alone.  It became a new RSS feed for me.

And then I started to retweet… and people started following ME! and the group! People started seeing me as an arbiter of information as I tweeted articles or thoughts and I told them about events I attended.  They followed me more as I started live tweeting events (using the # and sharing ideas from conference presenters) like TEDMED and Partnerships WITH Patients.  They wanted to know what I was doing and what the group had planned.

Thus my @GilmerHealthLaw grew it’s own reputation – one that served me well at this latest gathering of health tech geeks.

I encourage you all to start tweeting.  Jump in by following thought leaders, news outlets, organizations.  Retweet them if you find their tweets interesting and relevant.  And of course, you all read ONE article a day.  If you like that article – tweet it out! It’s simple and the ROI is infinite.

Maybe soon you’ll have to start introducing yourself as your twitter handle.

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6 Responses to What’s your @ Twitter Handle?

  1. Well said Erin. Great meeting you IRL!

  2. Nancy Finn says:

    You are so right. People who tweet with meaningful commentary leave a mark and make lasting impressions. For those of us whose mission it is to help others understand the power and the role of participatory medicine and patient empowerment Twitter is a most powerful tool.

  3. aclairmont says:

    Erin, I find myself caught in the middle of conversations surrounding privacy issues and conversations about global sharing and collaboration. In health care? Forget it. Privacy seems to blunt all conversations. My gut tells me that sharing information suggests much greater opportunity for solutions and innovation. And in health care the opportunities are vital, even lifesaving. I am interested in helping in any way I can.

  4. Pretty'Face says:

    @Gwellaz_Haters @Gwellaz_Haters @Gwellaz_Haters ❤

  5. Anisha says:


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